In late 2017, Taiyo Micronesia Corporation established a small Katsuobushi Factory in Pohnpei. This facility is responsible for processing approximately 1 ton of smoke skipjack per day and has provided employment opportunities for around 10 local individuals. The by-products derived from the skipjack tuna are transformed into fish meal, which is utilized as feed for pigs. In 2023, TMC enhanced its machinery by upgrading to a larger model and aims to increase the output of feed meal in order to replace a portion of the substantial quantity of imported pig feed that is annually consumed in Pohnpei.

Due to the FSM and State COVID 19 emergency measures, TMC paused the smoked fish process but continued producing the pig feeds.

Dried Skipjack loins for export.

At the TMC Factory, we ensure that no fish bones or heads go to waste. Instead, we finely crush them and transform them into high-quality pig feed meal. Our compound consists of a mixture of copra and fish meal, providing a nutritious and balanced diet for the pigs.

Wasted fish bones and heads

Fish Meal

Compound Meal

Compound and fish meal are packed and ready to sell. Click here to find out if we have in stuck.