Here you can find the North Star Schedule

Jan. to April 2024

Proposed Schedule

Date                                       Destination                                     Service/ Charter

Jan. 16- Feb.5                          Northwest/ Pafeng&Weito Regions   Charter/ DOE School Support

Feb. 06- Feb. 08                      Northwest/ Tamatam Emergency      Charter/ MEDEVAC

Feb.09- Feb.14                        Mortlocks/ Mid & Lower & PNI          Regular Service/ PNI Emergency

************                                    P O H N P E I      E M E R G E N C Y       **************************

Feb. 28-Mar.06                       Mortlocks/ Upper Region                   Charter/ DOE-SPED  

Mar.11- Mar.16                      Mortlocks/ Mid & Lower                    Regular Service

Mar. 20- Mar.25                     Morlocks/ Upper Region                    Regular Service

Mar. 28- Apr. 04                      Northwest/Paafeng REGION              Regular Service

Apr. 08- Apr. 15                      Northwest/ Pattiw & Weito                Regular Service

Apr. 18- Apr. 23                      Morlocks/ Mid & Lower Regions        Regular Service

Apr. 25- Apr. 30                      Northwest/ PaafengPattiwWeito       Regular Service